An Update

It may seem like I've abandoned this blog for good, seeing that my last review was posted back in October last year. My long disappearance has been largely due to an increase in uni work but also a lack of motivation.

I was finding myself stuck in a rut of review after review, many of which I was not happy with upon publishing, and so I've had a bit of a rethink as to the future of the blog. Having become very disenchanted with the format I had been sticking to, my new aim is to introduce a greater variety of articles to the blog, perhaps branching out to other areas of culture than just film.

My main ambition for now is to start writing a broader range of content, which could range from recommendation articles to standard reviews, views on a particular director (or actor) to rants (my favourite things to write!). The most important thing is for me to write with fewer restrictions and a more distinct style, something you'll hopefully see in the coming months.

As a final note, I know Blogger is a pretty awful format for leaving comments and feedback on posts (maybe upgrading to Squarespace or the like is something to be done in the future) but any thoughts on the blog or any advice would as always mean a lot to me.

See you soon,