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The Visit

To say I was disappointed by an M. Night Shyamalan film may seem like an unlikely statement. The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable director has been on a notorious bad streak for at least ten years and has never been able to drag his reputation out of the gutter, despite his unrelenting and often painful efforts. However, the Visit seemed to have some promise behind it, the trailers hinting at a creepy horror that looked like it had none of the intolerable sci-fi elements that Shyamalan had become worryingly obsessed with, After Earth being the prime example. The film had also built up some excitement among horror fans and it looked like many were ready to give the infamous director another chance. 

So was the hype justified? Well, no. In fact, the Visit is by far one of the worst films I have ever seen. It is Shyamalan's cinematic cyanide, the proof that this man has pushed his luck and emptied our wallets too many times. Obnoxious and utterly unconvincing characters and a rancid and ex…

The Gamechangers

Recent news that the BBC were producing a dramatization of the battle between Rockstar Games, creators of the Grand Theft Auto series, and infamous lawyer Jack Thompson had many worried, as TV and film have never exactly understood the video game industry. Just take a look at the recent episode of Law and Order that attempted to cover the GamerGate controversy and ended up doing a lot more damage to the reputation of the community. Rockstar themselves are suing the BBC over the depiction of the company and they slammed the film on twitter, asking "Was Basil Brush busy?" and branding it "made up bollocks" which actually just provided further evidence of the company's volatile reputation, as depicted in the Gamechangers.

Daniel Radcliffe was the surprise highlight of the film, portraying Sam Houser, president and co-founder of Rockstar. At first, he seemed worryingly awkward in the role, sounding unaccustomed to the industry jargon. The back and forth between brot…

Jimmy Kimmel Backlash Highlights the Gaming Community's Anger Problem

You can find my new piece here, an opinion article on the gaming community. Something a little different!