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A Town Called Panic

My favourite film at the moment is a hilarious, charming and madcap Belgian stop-motion animation that is a perfect relief from the current stream of serious, gritty thrillers. 

The film follows Cowboy, Indian and Horse (yes, those are their names!). Cowboy and Indian are searching for a present for Horse's birthday and Indian comes up with the idea of a barbecue. But they end up accidentally ordering 50000000000000 bricks. Their house is destroyed, again by accident! The plot thickens and becomes increasingly crazy as the trio go off in search for their (rebuilt) house. They travel to the center of the earth, meet polar bear fighting scientists and discover an underwater universe. I did warn you it was strange!

As crazy as it sounds, it is pulled off brilliantly. It looks amazing: everything is made by hand and the characters are just children's toys. The voices are perfect with the highlight being Steven, the constantly irate farmer who adores his tractor more than his wife Ja…