Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa

Alan Partridge. Many know him as one the greatest comedy characters of British television. Steve Coogan's comic creation has captured the nation and raised a smile from everyone who has ever heard him grace the airwaves of North Norfolk Digital. Alan Partridge was originally created by Coogan on the radio comedy show On The Hour in 1991. Since then he has presented his own chat show (Knowing Me, Knowing You), starred in his own TV show (I'm Alan Partridge) and written an autobiography. Alan is a radio DJ with a loving care for music and "banter". And now he has been given his chance on the big screen.

When the Alan Partridge film was announced, there were fears that it may be too ambitious, People were worried that taking a half-hour TV show and stretching it too a 90 minute film would mean the film would feel drawn out and tedious. However they were wrong. This film is a triumph in every way and is a fitting tribute to Alan's journey. What keeps the film fresh and enjoyable is that the same format from the TV show is maintained. Though the story follows a colleague of Alan's who discovers he is to be sacked and then launches a seige, Alan is still able to present his show as his negotiator. There are many laugh out loud moments throughout and the humour never lets up. All the characters from I'm Alan Partridge feature and are given room to breath, reminding us just how much we loved them. The idea of Alan being "Siegeface" is brilliantly played on throughout and the finale is perfectly judged.

Overall, this is the funniest film I have seen for many years and is a commemoration to British comedy as a whole. Though Partridge fans may find more to enjoy in this than others, the film will still appeal to any moviegoer and is a must see. Long live Alan Partridge.