Submarine is the debut film from Richard Ayoade and stars young actor Craig Roberts as 15 year old Oliver Tate. His two main objectives is too be Jordana Bevan's boyfriend, who he idolises, and repair his dysfunctional family. Through a series of odd meetings, Oliver and Jordana's relationship blossoms and they spend a happy two weeks together. However, as Oliver's relationship with his parents begins to slowly disintegrate, so does his relationship with Jordana. An old flame of Oliver's mother moves in next door and Oliver becomes suspicious of their friendship.

The film is beautifully shot and feels like it was made in the 80s, which is when the film is set. The camera work and cinematography is masterful and really helps to intensify the key moments in the film. The film is set and shot in Wales and the scenery is breathtaking with huge mountain landscapes and vast beaches. The soundtrack by Alex Turner reflects Oliver's emotions perfectly. Paddy Considine (Dead Man's Shoes, In America) is brilliant as Graham Purvis, the former lover of Oliver's mother. As too is Noah Taylor (Vanilla Sky, Max) who plays Lloyd Taylor, Oliver's depressed and socially awkward father. 

However, the outstanding performances are by the two main stars of the tale: Craig Roberts and Yasmin Paige. Paige is perfect as Jordana, who is very adventurous and daring; the opposite of Oliver. However, underneath their awkward conversations, they do have a bond between them and understand each other. Roberts portrays Oliver very well, as an awkward, lonely, unpredictable teen.

It is very hard to spot any errors in Ayoade's film. Some of the dialogue is lost, especially from Jordana, but this is only a small niggle and adds to the character of the film.

Overall, this film is a beautifully quirky coming of age comedy-drama and I really encourage you to watch this, as it will be on Film 4 for many years to come.

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