ParaNorman is the latest animated kid's film. By the makers of Coraline, this stop-motion comedy horror is a fantastic mix of action and humour. It will appeal to adults and children, due to the great script and voice acting. 

The film follows the story of a young boy, Norman, who has a strange gift: He can see ghosts. He is unloved by his parents and an outcast at school, except for his one friend, Neil. Norman is told by his uncle that he needs to rid the town of a curse that was cast by a witch 300 years ago. Norman embarks on an adventure to save the town.

The stop-motion looks amazing. The characters are lovingly made and are unique and loveable. Stop-motion clearly trumps computer animated any day. The script is full of clever wisecracks and in-jokes. There are nods to classic horror films, including Halloween and Dawn of the Dead. Norman is a character that everyone can relate to, as he is introduced as a social reject. The film is not too scary, although younger kids may find some parts too frightening. 

However, towards the end of the film the plot disintegrates slightly and left me slightly confused. The film seems to stutter halfway through but soon splutters back to life. The film doesn't have the same memorable charm as some animations, eg. Pixar.

Overall, this film is a treat for everyone. Great voice acting, beautiful stop motion and a great script all add up perfectly. It will even make you sympathise with zombies!

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